Angon Fruit has adopted a holistic approach in the marketing of its products in 2011, through the dimensions of relationship-, performance-, integrated- and internal marketing. The model was developed by Kotler and Keller in the early 21st century and is the model that Angon uses to measure its marketing performance.

Angon Fruit is built on two strong pillars of sound relationships and trust with our stakeholders. We aim to offer exceptional marketing service through the supply of premium quality fruit to our global partners. In return Angon Fruit expects to generate a sustainable premium for the product back to the farm, in order to keep growing and expanding our business.

Angon Fruit targets the United Kingdom, European Union, Far East and South Africa with our product range. We aim to supply 30% to the United Kingdom, 30% to the European Union, 30% to the Far East and 10% to South Africa. A diversified portfolio of countries within these marketing regions offers a good spread of forex exposure to the UK Pound, EU Euro and US Dollar markets.

Heatseal/Flow wrap 10x500g

Angon Gold – Pouch bag 4.5kg

Angon Punnet – 10x500g

Angon Gold – Paper bag 4.5kg

Angon Paper Bag

With the increased focus on the use of sustainable packaging globally, Angon Fruit has developed the Angon paper bag which is biodegradable and compostable. This is part of Angon’s commitment to ensure an environmental sustainable future.

Angon Pouch Bag

The Angon Pouch Bag is made of 100% recyclable plastic to ensure that each bag can be recycled. The fact that the Angon pouch bag is 100% recyclable makes it the ideal sustainable packaging choice which offers a lower carbon footprint and excellent food safety to our customers.

RPET punnet

Recycled PET excels when it comes to sustainability. This product can be completely recycled. The fact that PET is 100% recyclable makes it the ideal sustainable packaging choice for Angon Fruit. RPET has a lower carbon footprint than virgin PET and is safe to be used in food and beverage packaging.

FSC packaging

All Angon Fruit cartons is manufactured from FSC-certified materials. FSC-certified packaging supports better outcomes for forests, people and businesses. As the world’s most trusted assurance of sustainable forest management, FSC labelling tells businesses and customers that the materials used originate from sustainable and legal sources.