The Kirsten family has been farming in the Paarl region of South Africa for over a hundred years since 1916, with the fourth generation currently at the helm managing the family business.

There was a need to grow the business, but also to venture closer to our customers. After much deliberation JD Kirsten, Freddie Kirsten, Altus Kirsten and Niël Kirsten started the Angon Fruit journey in 2011, to further integrate their business vertically in the value chain by adding a marketing dimension to their current portfolio of production and packing of table grapes.

Today the business is strong and built on sound relationships and trust. Angon Fruit has partners globally that adds value to the products that are marketed to these specific destinations. Angon Fruit has also seen good growth over the last few seasons and the company hope to keep the momentum going together with our stakeholders by exceeding their expectations.

The symbol for Angon Fruit came from the German spear called the ‘angon’. The angon was used amongst the Germans in the fifth and the sixth centuries A.D. It was regarded as one of the best spears ever made and was often compared to the Roman spear.

The wooden shaft was made of durable light weight wood. The angon blade was made of light mild steel and had a leaf shape, with barbed points. This made the angon spear difficult to withdraw from shields and gave it a competitive edge over its rivals.

The blade of the angon spear resembles the customer, which is the focus of our business. We aim to exceed in our customers’ expectations on service levels, quality standards and product range.

The shaft resembles the supply chain that should be strong and light, to return as much value back to the farm. We believe in the power of growing a sustainable fruit business that generates a premium value for premium quality fruit in cooperation with our stakeholders.

Angon Fruit aspires to be an ethical marketer of premium quality fresh produce to customers that is built on long term relationships and trust, with the goal to generate a sustainable premium that creates value to its stakeholders.

Angon Fruit is aspiring to be a leading world class marketer that is sustainable in the long term and creates value to its stakeholders and the community.

The core values of Angon Fruit are quality, efficiency, integrity, sustainability and innovation.